Diego and Andrea are young, beautiful, and rich. They live in the most beautiful house by the beach, in the most beautiful beach in Peru, with their rich and successful father. They spend their days sunbathing, surfing, playing volleyball, drinking and dancing. They refuse to take any important decision in their lives, wasting their time with superficial needs and fantasies.

Martin Bottger, their father, is an important businessman, a pragmatic banker, somebody with the power to influence a government, one of the owners of the country. Despite this public power, however, his home and his family have never been his strenght. His infidelities made him lose his wife and the respect of his children. On top of this, he’s decided to bring home a new girlfriend.

Elisa Moreno had always been a humble secretary, struggling to make ends meet like all middle class, darker-skinned women in Lima, with no professional degree and unable to improve her lot in life. She is some twenty years younger than Martin, and attractive enough to decide that she’s determined not to be a middle-class secretary any more.

Four characters who either don’t want to know themselves or find it hard to deal with themselves and their own prejudices. Four characters who will undergo pain and disappointment in order to find a balance in their lives. A family where apparently nothing is wrong, yet after digging into it a little, reveals a cruel way of life, a world of secrets and unbearable social pressures.

DIOSES is the story of this family, its decadence, its rigid mechanisms when it comes to social involvement, and its efforts to conceal any interior ugliness under a beautiful cover; it is a homage to the hypocrisy of Peruvian society, a society with no real dialogue, where the real problems and social urgencies are never addressed by the upper class.

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